BCS Valuations, Inc.

Real Estate Appraisal & Consulting Services

Litigation Support: Since an appraisal is often the key component to a litigation surrounding a valuation issue, it is imperative for the attorney to align oneself early in the process with a knowledgeable valuation specialist. In valuation litigation, the prevailing party is often the one that is best prepared. Not all attorneys understand the nuances of the appraisal process and often cannot identify the strengths and weaknesses of an appraisal report. BCS Valuations, Inc. acts as your valuation consultant in the following manor:

  • Help choose the best appraisal company for the assignment

  • Help draft an appropriate and on-target letter of engagement

  • Help assure that the appraiser understands the nature of the assignment

  • Regularly monitor the progress of the appraisal to eliminate any unforeseen issues

  • Review the appraisal report to limit potential issues during trial

  • Assist in drafting direct examination questions for the appraiser

  • Assist in pre-trial preparation of the appraiser

  • Review opposing sides appraisal and assist attorney in drafting cross examination questions